Tuesday, August 26, 2008

okay, here I go....

okay deep breath. I've done it, I've started blogging or journaling as I prefer to call it. Hopefully I'll catch on and this will be something my kids can read and enjoy. I'm going to start slow and eventually I'll be able to add pictures, quotes, and other witty things you can find on this world wide web.
Lately I've been in a rut, not quite sure what to do with myself. I have so much to do at the house, mostly just putting things away, the problem is I have nowhere to put anything..4 people in a small trailer makes for a whole lotta disorganization.. oh how I dream of closets, tupperware bins, and label makers. I just keep reminding me it's temporary.
Pre-school started here in kentucky last week. I had planned on enrolling Tanner until they told me they dont accept 3 year olds unless they have a disability. However they did say a speech impediment could get him enrolled. Huh? He's 3, his dad talks as country as the best of them, which means he talks like a little southern gentleman. Is this an impediment? I start listening a little closer and you know what? The little tyke cant say his r's. huwwy, caleful, cwing, this isn't just his cute little southern accent. who knows, they are going to test him sometime this week. I'm not worried, like I said before..he's 3.
all right, so I did it. This is my first post, lets see how this goes. Here's hoping I'll enjoy it. cherstin

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