Sunday, October 19, 2008

can I borrow the car?

These two pictures really speak for themselves. Tanner was way too excited that Korah Grace could ride in the Jeep with him. So excited that he actually let her "drive".

That's Lucy there on the Left. She's still just a puppy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Korah Grace's first food

Korah Grace had her 4 month Dr. appt. this week and the Doctor told us that we could start feeding her rice and introducing her to new foods. When I was telling Kiffen all of this I obviously forgot who her older brother is because if you look closely right above her mouth you will see her first new food compliments of Tanner. He was definitely listening when I was talking about what the dr. said.

When I asked him about it he answered back "but, mommy it's our favowhat!" as if Korah Grace already knows. She did seem to enjoy it though, and yes her first food was spaghetti o's!!!

Tanner sure does enjoy a big bowl of the healthy stuff!!! And hey who knows maybe he'll always want to share with her. Yeah, right.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

my birthday-woo hoo!!!

This week Jenny and all the kids were in town visiting, so Kiffen thought it would be nice to set up a hay ride for us all to go on. I tell you what it couldn't of been a more perfect evening to do it on. The weather was cool. I should clarify and say a KY cool, not the crisp mountain air cool, but cool none the less. The moon was out, and oh yeah, it was my birthday. What could of been better that that! Kiffen pulled us all over the farm and strip, then we went across to the neighbors and then across the creek and over to grandma and grandpa's property. Did I mention the the trees have just started turning? Absolutely beautiful!After it was too dark outside to play any longer, we finally talked the kids into coming into the house. Of course a BRIBERY, I mean BIRTHDAY cake never hurts. mmmm chocolate!!!The next morning, I woke up to the newest member of our family. Kiffen went and rescued this horse for me from somewhere in Tennessee. The former owners couldn't afford to feed him any more and he is starving....Hopefully we'll be able to get him bulked back up and healthy again. THANKS KIFFEN!! Also thanks again Jenny for the cake and all the gifts from the kids. The kids and Jen gave me the willow tree sculpture "Angel of mine". It is a mom holding a brand new baby. Since I collect willow tree and I just had a baby it was perfect. I love you all.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the best lover

Today Tanner woke up this morning in just the best mood ever. After some serious snuggling in bed with me and Korah Grace, Tanner decided to move to the couch to watch his "friends" on TV. The Backyardigans and George are his best friends right now. He likes to watch them while I make breakfast and get ready for the day. While he was on the couch he wanted his bappy(a special blankie). After I wrapped him up in it he looked at me and said

"momma, gramma make this bappy for me?"
"she did, do you like it?"
"yeah, gramma the bestest bappy maker ever an ever"

So. if that just doesn't melt your heart the day continues to get better. I was making his favorite food for lunch which happens to be soup this week and he looks at me while we are eating and says

"momma, where'd you get this from?"
"I made it"
"thank you mommy, you the best cooker ever an ever"

Yeah I know, sweetest kid in the world right? Well a little later that afternoon I had to get after him for something,(imagine that) and he could tell I was angry. He came over to the chair and climbed up in my lap and gives me a giant full blown squeeze around the neck and says

"mommy, me wuv you."
"Ahh, sweetheart, I love you too."
"mommy, me wuv you thiiissss much" while spreading arms out as far as he can.
"wow Tanner that's alot"
"me wuv you to the moon, me wuv you to the stars, me wuv you to the sun, and me wuv you back to bed."
"thankyou sweetheart, I love you too". While squeezing him back.
"me the bestest wuver ever an ever!"

Yes, Tanner bean you are the best wuver ever an ever.


Friday, October 3, 2008

mix by hand

I love this picture. This is my baby sister and my parents. Ignore the date on the pic it was actually July/Aug of 2006, shortly after her mission to Mesa Arizona. We had such a wonderful time on this vacation. The only one missing was our brother Cliff who was in Florida at the time. Annie was recently married to a wonderful man Wade(Aug.15th). I am so happy and excited that they found each other. His birthday was just this last weekend and Annie was being the wonderful wife that she was born to be and making him and birthday cake. She had a few questions about the recipe so naturally she called me, actually she only called me because I gave her the recipe. Well the last question she had was:

"it says mix by hand, do you use a fork or spoon to do that?"

Oh, my dear sweet sister, please say it isn't so. The only answer I could give was

"Oh, no Annie that means you really mix it by hand. Anything else is to hard on the batter."

"Really", she asks?

"Well, sure you've seen mom mix by hand before." I reply while trying my hardest not to burst out laughing.

I could hear her washing her hands and was just about to bust so I hung up.
Shortly there after mom called, Annie had called and asked her. Of course she had to set her straight, which I planned on doing after the cake was made. One cake mixed by hand never hurt anyone. From what I hear the cake turned out very well.
Annie, Annie, Annie, although you wont mix another cake by hand, please don't ever lose that trusting nature. I love you.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tanner's first momo

Okay, so this is what we did today. I don't think I've seen him this excited ever. Well except for the day he got his tractor, or the day he got his jeep. Those were pretty exciting days but, I think that this topped it. Him and Dad actually bought it yesterday and they were having a contest where you could pick a pumpkin if you bought something. So, Tanner went and picked his pumpkin and TADA he won a helmet. Last night it was all I could do to get it off him to go to bed and this morning when he woke up, putting the helmet back on was the first thing that he did. He also chose to get himself dressed today. If you look closely you can see that his clothes represent all his favorite things- the cowboy boots to work with the cows, the shorts and jacket both have airplanes on them and then of course the helmet represents his love of Momo's(motorcycle's or 4 wheelers).

He really wants to give Korah Grace a ride when he gets home. After explaining that he wouldn't be able give her a ride until she's a lot older he looked at the sales man and asked "You got one in pink?" At least he's looking out for her best interests.

When we got ready to go this morning the plan was to only take the truck. As you can tell the momo would fit in the back of the truck. Oh no, that wasn't going to happen. "Daddy, me take the truck with the silver wagon and me drive it up the ramp and me haul it home." Of course isn't that the way you always haul things?

Yeah, we made it! The strip makes for the perfect place to practice, as long as someone is watching for planes.

He caught on really fast, so daddy went and pulled his out. He made the mistake of doing doughnuts on his over in the dirt pile and as soon as he did, guess who made a bee line for the dirt hills. Had to put an end to that real fast.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah, it's finally here. My favorite time of year. Besides Christmas of course. The leaves changing colors, the air just gets that crisp feel and after the hot soggy air of the summer it is a very welcome change. I love the mums, the pumpkins, the hay, the dried corn. All of it, I even love looking at Christmas decorations while trying to decide on a witch or a ghost to put on the door. All right the Christmas decorations is a stretch but, I honestly love this time of year. It really just makes me feel good. Tanner has decided that he wants to be the "hot chocolate man" and carry around a puncher to punch everyone's ticket. Shouldn't be to hard, an engineer with a few extra's. He also has decided that Korah Grace wants to be a pumpkin. We'll see on her costume.

Tonight he wanted soup for dinner, it is truly one of his favorites. It really doesn't matter what kind, just as long as it's soup. I made him cream of chicken, not the best, but all we had in the pantry. He was eating it in the living room(I know, I know) when I hear Kiffen start hollering for him to stop feeding Korah Grace. I hurried in and sure enough Korah had tasted her first soup. Darn it. He did this yesterday, tried to feed her. I had told him I would have to spank him if it happened again. So yes, he got it. I still can't decide who it's harder on me or him. I'm still feeling guilty and he acts as if he's forgotten. I just can't take the chance he'll do it again. After I spanked him I asked him why he fed her when I told him not to.
"Momma, she was hungry". Awww, he was just trying to help her.