Tuesday, January 20, 2009

pray for our leaders

Wow. The people have voted. We have a new president. Barack Husein Obama. His message of Hope and Change really has people excited. I worked a few flights in and out of Baltimore, Md the last few days. They were all full of people going to the inauguration (we actually ran out of bin space because of the fur coats). Although he didn't get my vote for personal reasons I am still excited to see what is going to happen in this country over the next several years. I am excited to watch his wife Michelle Obama, and especially his girls Sasha and Malia. They seem like such a kind, warm and loving family. A lot of people are worried about where he will lead our country. Me, not so much. I hope he will make decisions and choices with a fathers mind. He knows that he is helping to create the real life that will become his children's adulthood. With that said, I will pray for them, all of them.


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