Sunday, September 21, 2008

ahhh, sunday

Sunday's are lazy day's for me, or at least I try for them to be. Living on an airstrip means that we have a lot of people stopping by. It's picking up more since the crash. (more on that later). Tanner went to church with daddy today while Korah Grace went with me. I love being in the nursery with Tanner. I really enjoy teaching the kids even if it is something as little as folding their arms for the prayer. Okay, not all at the same time but they all folded their arms at one point. Our other nursery leader stayed down and let me go up to r.s. I really did appreciate and enjoy that. One of the sisters in there commented on how big Korah Grace was getting. It reminded me of the other day when I was driving into town with Tanner.

tanner: Momma, please don't make me stay little.
me: Oh sweetie, I want you to stay little, I don't want you to get big.
me: why would you want to get big?
tanner: me want to be big
me: but why? don't you want to always stay mommies little boy?
tanner: no mommie, me stay little I cant go to school. me want to go to school.

He want's to be big so that he can go to school. We have taken him by
the school and he just cant wait. We still haven't heard back on the test's that he took for his speech. So for the time being when he goes to the daycare at the gym we call that "school". Speaking of which I had better go to bed so that I can get up for "school".


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