Friday, September 26, 2008

hot chocolate train

So this is the new classic in our house. It's official title is called "The Polar Express". However Tanner named it "the hot chocolate train movie" after his favorite part. He even tries to say, here we've only got one rule, never ever let it cool. It comes out more like "hew one wool, evr coowl". We have watched it this week oh I would say at least 10 times. The thing is I absolutely love, love this movie. I enjoy the look of pure amazement and excitement that comes into his eyes when the train pulls up in front of the boys house or when the kids go down the slide and start spinning down the funnel. Then comes the best part, when Santa finally comes into the square and you see the reindeer but can't hear the bells, he looks up at me with eyes the size of silver dollars and says

"momma, me hear the bells this time, you hear em?"
"Oh yeah I hear them."

He then grabs my chin and points it toward the TV and and says

"momma wook, you hear the bells?"
"I do sweetie I do."
"momma, Ho Ho(pronounced who who, which is what he calls Santa) bring me those."
"Bring you what, presents?"
"no, those fwom little Ho Ho's(the elves). Ho Ho bring me bells."
"Oh, I think he probably will bring you those."

Once reassured that santa will bring him bells. He goes back to the movie, lets go of my chin, and lets me go back to just watching the movie.


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