Monday, September 22, 2008

dancing with the stars

Woo Hoo! It's back. When this show first came on I refused to watch it. There were just way too many reality shows and just plain junk on t.v. Then came a trip home to Utah where all my family was absolutely addicted to this silly dancing show, especially my grandma. Well sure enough, late one night I was up with my dad and he started watching it on his dvr. I'll admit it, it only took me a few dancers and I was hooked. Tanner and I would watch it when we got home to the strip(much to the dismay of dear ole hubby). Tanner even had a favorite dancer, although I don't remember which one it was now. I always enjoyed calling home after and we all would talk about who should win and who our favorites were. Grandma was especially fun to talk to about this silly show. Funny how her favorite dancers were always the cutest boys. This season I wont be able to talk to her about the cutest dancers. I will miss that, but our family will enjoy remembering how much she enjoyed this silly dancing show.
p.s. the football player at the end was surprizingly good.

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