Saturday, October 11, 2008

my birthday-woo hoo!!!

This week Jenny and all the kids were in town visiting, so Kiffen thought it would be nice to set up a hay ride for us all to go on. I tell you what it couldn't of been a more perfect evening to do it on. The weather was cool. I should clarify and say a KY cool, not the crisp mountain air cool, but cool none the less. The moon was out, and oh yeah, it was my birthday. What could of been better that that! Kiffen pulled us all over the farm and strip, then we went across to the neighbors and then across the creek and over to grandma and grandpa's property. Did I mention the the trees have just started turning? Absolutely beautiful!After it was too dark outside to play any longer, we finally talked the kids into coming into the house. Of course a BRIBERY, I mean BIRTHDAY cake never hurts. mmmm chocolate!!!The next morning, I woke up to the newest member of our family. Kiffen went and rescued this horse for me from somewhere in Tennessee. The former owners couldn't afford to feed him any more and he is starving....Hopefully we'll be able to get him bulked back up and healthy again. THANKS KIFFEN!! Also thanks again Jenny for the cake and all the gifts from the kids. The kids and Jen gave me the willow tree sculpture "Angel of mine". It is a mom holding a brand new baby. Since I collect willow tree and I just had a baby it was perfect. I love you all.

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