Wednesday, October 8, 2008

the best lover

Today Tanner woke up this morning in just the best mood ever. After some serious snuggling in bed with me and Korah Grace, Tanner decided to move to the couch to watch his "friends" on TV. The Backyardigans and George are his best friends right now. He likes to watch them while I make breakfast and get ready for the day. While he was on the couch he wanted his bappy(a special blankie). After I wrapped him up in it he looked at me and said

"momma, gramma make this bappy for me?"
"she did, do you like it?"
"yeah, gramma the bestest bappy maker ever an ever"

So. if that just doesn't melt your heart the day continues to get better. I was making his favorite food for lunch which happens to be soup this week and he looks at me while we are eating and says

"momma, where'd you get this from?"
"I made it"
"thank you mommy, you the best cooker ever an ever"

Yeah I know, sweetest kid in the world right? Well a little later that afternoon I had to get after him for something,(imagine that) and he could tell I was angry. He came over to the chair and climbed up in my lap and gives me a giant full blown squeeze around the neck and says

"mommy, me wuv you."
"Ahh, sweetheart, I love you too."
"mommy, me wuv you thiiissss much" while spreading arms out as far as he can.
"wow Tanner that's alot"
"me wuv you to the moon, me wuv you to the stars, me wuv you to the sun, and me wuv you back to bed."
"thankyou sweetheart, I love you too". While squeezing him back.
"me the bestest wuver ever an ever!"

Yes, Tanner bean you are the best wuver ever an ever.


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