Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah, it's finally here. My favorite time of year. Besides Christmas of course. The leaves changing colors, the air just gets that crisp feel and after the hot soggy air of the summer it is a very welcome change. I love the mums, the pumpkins, the hay, the dried corn. All of it, I even love looking at Christmas decorations while trying to decide on a witch or a ghost to put on the door. All right the Christmas decorations is a stretch but, I honestly love this time of year. It really just makes me feel good. Tanner has decided that he wants to be the "hot chocolate man" and carry around a puncher to punch everyone's ticket. Shouldn't be to hard, an engineer with a few extra's. He also has decided that Korah Grace wants to be a pumpkin. We'll see on her costume.

Tonight he wanted soup for dinner, it is truly one of his favorites. It really doesn't matter what kind, just as long as it's soup. I made him cream of chicken, not the best, but all we had in the pantry. He was eating it in the living room(I know, I know) when I hear Kiffen start hollering for him to stop feeding Korah Grace. I hurried in and sure enough Korah had tasted her first soup. Darn it. He did this yesterday, tried to feed her. I had told him I would have to spank him if it happened again. So yes, he got it. I still can't decide who it's harder on me or him. I'm still feeling guilty and he acts as if he's forgotten. I just can't take the chance he'll do it again. After I spanked him I asked him why he fed her when I told him not to.
"Momma, she was hungry". Awww, he was just trying to help her.

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