Friday, October 3, 2008

mix by hand

I love this picture. This is my baby sister and my parents. Ignore the date on the pic it was actually July/Aug of 2006, shortly after her mission to Mesa Arizona. We had such a wonderful time on this vacation. The only one missing was our brother Cliff who was in Florida at the time. Annie was recently married to a wonderful man Wade(Aug.15th). I am so happy and excited that they found each other. His birthday was just this last weekend and Annie was being the wonderful wife that she was born to be and making him and birthday cake. She had a few questions about the recipe so naturally she called me, actually she only called me because I gave her the recipe. Well the last question she had was:

"it says mix by hand, do you use a fork or spoon to do that?"

Oh, my dear sweet sister, please say it isn't so. The only answer I could give was

"Oh, no Annie that means you really mix it by hand. Anything else is to hard on the batter."

"Really", she asks?

"Well, sure you've seen mom mix by hand before." I reply while trying my hardest not to burst out laughing.

I could hear her washing her hands and was just about to bust so I hung up.
Shortly there after mom called, Annie had called and asked her. Of course she had to set her straight, which I planned on doing after the cake was made. One cake mixed by hand never hurt anyone. From what I hear the cake turned out very well.
Annie, Annie, Annie, although you wont mix another cake by hand, please don't ever lose that trusting nature. I love you.

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Six-Pack Momma said...

That is classic! Thanks for the laugh!